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Tai Chi Zero” may be the first movie to come with its own. A comically hyperstylized martial arts fandango from director Stephen Fung, the film introduces each of its characters with onscreen titles that list not only the actors but their chief claims to fame: “Fung Hak-On, founding member of Jackie Chan’s stunt team,” “Xiong Xin Xin, ‘Ghost Leg Seven’ from the ‘Once Upon a Time in China’ series.Free Download movie Click The link and Download for no any cost.


Stephen Fung
Kuo-fu Chen
Yuan Xiaochao, Angelababy and Tony Leung Ka Fai
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Free Download China Movie Tai chi zero Video Print MKV rip/AVI video /HD /Full HD Movie All this manic invention is great fun for a while, until “Tai Chi Zero” falls apart on the rocks of the eternal verities: story, acting, direction. The narrative follows a young novice named Lu Chan (Yuan Xiaochao, 2008 Men’s Wushu Olympic champion) as he travels to the village home of the Chen fighting style. The problem is that they don’t like outsiders there and everyone from old men to little girls can kick Lu Chan’s butt.So far, so amusing, and director Fung keeps us off guard with breathless change-ups in cinematic style — silent film, animation, steampunk, spaghetti western. At about the midpoint, though, “Tai Chi Zero” settles into a different movie and a more boring one, about the vengeful village nerd (Eddie Peng) and his attempts to ram a new railway through town. A giant iron tank lays siege to the heroes, with Lu Chan, his ladylove (an actress named Angelababy, just about the best thing in the film), and her fighting-master father (Hong Kong movie legend Tony Leung Ka Fai) doing their best to monkey-wrench the invaders.


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