Tomorrow, When the War Began Movie HD video Free

The sequel to the highest-grossing local film of 2010, Tomorrow, When the War Began, remains in development, according to Omnilab Media managing director Christopher Mapp. 
The teen action-thriller was a huge hit in Australia – grossing more than $13.5 million – but underperformed in the United Kingdom and other territories, which dented the sequel’s prospects. It will finally be released in the US from February 24 via a multi-platform release strategy which includes a limited theatrical run.

 Tomorrow, When the War Began Movie HD video Free 

Stuart Beattie
John Marsden (novel), Stuart Beattie
Caitlin Stasey, Rachel Hurd-Wood and Lincoln Lewis


The film begins with a video log by Ellie. She asks the camera how she can tell their story. She suggests to herself "from the beginning."
Country high school student Ellie (Caitlin Stasey) sets off on a camping trip with close childhood friend Corrie (Rachel Hurd-Wood), together with Corrie's boyfriend Kevin, Ellie's next-door neighbour Homer, high school crush Lee and friends Robyn and Fi. After driving Ellie's parents' Land Rover into the mountains, they hike down into a remote valley known as "Hell".
During their first night camping, Ellie wakes to a sky full of military aircraft. Upon arriving back in town, the group finds their homes abandoned, with power, internet and telephone lines down. From the hill overlooking Robyn's house, the group sees that the only lights on in town are at the hospital and showground. Upon reaching the showground, they find that the citizens of the town are being detained. Ellie witnesses a man being executed with a shot to the head, and in her horror retreats too quickly, being spotted by a searchlight. They flee but are pursued by soldiers into the backyard of a house. Ellie, using Kevin's singlet, lighter and the fuel tank of a ride-on lawn mower, create an explosion that eliminates the squad.


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