Gattu HD Hindi movie Free Download

GATTU is a Hindi film which gained high recognition in the Film Festival circuit. It is a story based on the protagonist who challenges his limits to reach for the sky.In a nation that is obsessed with flying kites, the story is staged in a small town in central India.The Gattu Hindi Film Free Download HD video.


Mohammad Samad — Gattu
Naresh Kumar — Anees Bhai
Bhura — Tiger
Script- Ankur Tiwari, K.D. Satyam,
Cinematography – Satya Rai Nagpaul
Music – Sandesh Shandilya
Line Producer – Yamini Upadhye
Executive Producer – Rajan Khosa
Producer – Children’s Film Society


The story is from a small town of India. A town which famous for the kite festival, where whole town is dominated towards a mysterious origin named “Kali”. Gattu is the one among all of the kids who wants to defeat ‘kali’ and after a number of failures he finally defeats him.Gattu is the story of a young boy who wants to win over a mysterious kite in the sky and leaves no stone unturned to achieve his dream. After being premiered at the Children’s Film Festival in Hyderabad, it went to 62nd Berlin Film Festival, where it was given special mention. Then it travelled to various film festivals at New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Beijing, Cannes and is currently in Edinburgh for a film festival. He discovers a local school having a roof that renders him some strategic advantage. Impersonating as a student, he sneaks into the school and must now pretend to study. The only problem - he can't read and write! The little street urchin takes up the challenge as when the desire is strong, dreams aren't impossible.


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