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LONDON -- The former athlete and model whose relatively short action-hero career has generated more than a billion dollars of box office business, Jason Statham sticks within his narrow but highly marketable range in this fast-moving New York gangland thriller.Safe is an action film written and directed by Boaz Yakin and starring Jason Statham.Producers: Lawrence Bender, Dana Brunetti
Executive producers: Stuart Ford, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Kevin Spacey, Deepak Nayar Director of photography: Stefan Czapsky Production designer: Joseph Nemec III Editor: Frédéric Thoraval
Music: Mark Mothersbaugh

Safe Movie HD Video Movie Free Download

Boaz Yakin
Boaz Yakin
Jason Statham, Catherine Chan and Chris Sarandon


A second-rate cage fighter on the mixed martial arts circuit, Luke Wright (Jason Statham) lives a numbing life of routine beatings and chump change…until the day he blows a rigged fight. Wanting to make him an embarrassment the Russian Mafia murders his wife and banishes him from his life forever, leaving Luke to wander the streets of New York destitute, haunted by guilt, and tormented by the knowledge that he will always be watched, and anyone he develops a relationship with will also be killed. But when he witnesses a frightened eleven-year-old Chinese girl, Mei (Catherine Chan), being pursued by the same gangsters who killed his wife, Luke impulsively jumps to action…and straight into the heart of a deadly high-stakes war. While his street chases have some of visceral white-knuckle charge of primetime William Friedkin or John Frankenheimer, his depiction of Manhattan as ruled by shady officials and violent cops recalls the quasi-Shakespearean rotten kingdom that often served as Sidney Lumet’s territory. Inevitably, these nods to former glory lack the political subtlety and dramatic weight of their cinematic ancestors, but it is pleasing to note that pre-Guiliani NYC still maintains a gravitational pull on the collective psyche


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