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MLA The film “MLA” is about a village called Bhaglipur situated in Madhya Pradesh, where an Industrialist from the same village is serving his people by starting a Milk-Factory and generating employment for them but on the other side, the elected MLA of that district is doing nothing for his people, but is observing the Industrialist’s actions and tries to win his friendship for his own benefit but the Industrialist’s outright dismissal for the same, makes him land in a pool of disputes and attacks, and how the MLA becomes his biggest enemy. The film focus on how a common man suffers in between this whole conflict and then how he takes a stand to choose the right candidate for his felicity. “MLA” is about a battle between- a Politician, an Industrialist, and a Common man.
Director : Shiv Dube
Starring : Mukesh Tiwari, Omkar Das Manikpuri

Picture this: you are watching a predictably boring 90’s film, preferably a C-grade production with an amazingly simplistic and dumb storyline. You have to look at actors who wear the same expression throughout the film and mouth the most cliched lines. The conventional ‘hero’ and ‘heroine’ break into a dance and go on a romantic escapade absolutely unannounced. There’s err…a black villain…a corrupt MLA, a squeaky clean industrialist, the hero, with no playful or fun shades to his holier than thou persona. The political battle between the hero and villain begins in the middle of an item song, followed by a bludgeoning background score, a titillating skin show and overt deshbhakti. If you can stand all this unfolding on the big screen at a lazy – at times even at a deadeningly lethargic pace – and want to test your threshold for pain, go catch this one.


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